Consular Services

Application Procedure

To submit any consular application to the Embassy:

  • By mail: If all the requirements are fulfilled, the Embassy processes all consular procedures submitted by mail in three working days (from day of receipt of application).  
  •  Power of Attorney (in person): All applicants need to schedule an appointment before showing up at the Embassy to arrange any Power of Attorney. No walk-in service is applicable.  
  • Applicants who show up at the Embassy for any consular procedure (other than Power of Attorney) have two choices:   
    1. Bring along a self-addressed return envelope (the Embassy will send back the formality within 2 working days).  
    2. Applicants can pick up the formality in two working days from date of submitting the application. 


Consular Fees - As of 2005

Exchange Rate: $1.00 equivalent to 1500LL (subject to change)