What should I do if I lose my Lebanese Passport?

First, inform your local police station and file a report; a copy of this report should be kept for submission with your application to the Embassy or consulate. Then, Call the Embassy if you want to get a Laissez-Passer to return to Lebanon in the following days . Otherwise, follow the instructions related to the request to obtain a new passport.

How long does it take to process official documents?

If all the required documents are attached to the completed application, your application will be processed at the consulate in a maximum of 3 working days. This does not include the time it takes to be mailed to and from the Embassy.

Why is my application taking so long?

Consular officers will keep a file on hold in order to request more documents for further verification if the required documents you provided contain discrepancies that need to be corrected. For example, if the date of birth on your passport differs from the one on your birth certificate. Your file may also be delayed if you have not paid the exact fee required.
Important Note: It is important that you send in your correct contact information when you first apply. This is to allow the consulate officer to contact you for updates and follow-ups during the process.

If I am the spouse of a Lebanese national, does he/she have to register our marriage at the consulate BEFORE I can apply for a visa to Lebanon?


Do all Lebanese Consulates have the same regulations?

Yes; instructions given to different consulates are the same. However, certain administrative procedures, such as working hours, processing time and mailing procedures may vary from one consulate to another.

Do you accept payment in cash or personal checks?

All payments must be made by money order to The Embassy ofLebanon in the exact amount.
All applications should carry a fee for the exact amount required.

What is the safest way to mail official or original documents, and to whom should they be addressed?

Registered mail is the safest way to send formality documents. For urgent applications, Express mail should be used.
Note: The Embassy of Lebanon is not liable for any documents lost during the incoming and outgoing mailing process.

What happens if I come to the Embassy without making an appointment?

All walk-in official documents presented before 12:00 PM will be delivered the next day before 3:30 PM.
Exceptions will be made for extremely urgent cases, as well as for applicants for a power of attorney visiting on an appointment basis.

Whom should I address if I have a comment, suggestion or complaint?

Write to the following address:
Attn: First Secretary-Consul
2560 28th St., NW
Washington DC 20008.
Or fax: 202-939-6324
Email: info@lebanonembassyus.org
Regular inquries should be directed to the Consulate Applicant Service at:
(202) 939-6300.